Microchip Rabbit

Microchip Rabbit: £8:00 per rabbit


Currently the UK does not legally require rabbits to be microchipped.


Microchips come in various sizes from 7mm to 12mm.  All microchips are registered on national databases with companies within the UK and should your rabbit become separated from you then as long as the data is kept up to date your has a better chance of being reunited with its family.  

The rabbit will be checked over by the implanter to ensure that the animal is healthy for the implant and will confirm it is not already chipped.  The microchip will be checked as working before the implant takes place and after the implant will confirm that the chip has been recognised by the scanner.  Following the implementation the chip will be recorded on the national database with the keepers personal information.

Service also provided for dogs, cats & other small animals.

Vet grade equipment included in the price.


The team are fully qualified and insured for the service provided.


Price quoted for service provided at K9ServiceUK address.


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