Dry Eye and Curly Coat syndrome (DE / CCS)

The Disease:

The condition affects a dog’s skin and eyes. Affected dogs are unable to produce tears due to the lack of watery secretions from the lacrimal glands, making their eyes very sore. Their skin becomes very dry and flaky, particularly around the foot, and this can make walking and standing difficult and painful.

Clinical Signs:

For curly coat - A dry and an unusually curly coat are apparent at birth. Excessive oiliness, skin deterioration and inflammation are effects of this syndrome. 

For dry eye - dogs show their discomfort by rubbing their eyes, squinting and being sensitive to light. Eye(s) may be inflamed and reddened, or the cornea may appear dry and dull. There is commonly a thick mucousy discharge in the eye or in the area around the eye.

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