Artificial Insemination

Artificial Insemination: £50:00

In an imitation of the natural mating process the 2nd fraction of sperm-rich ejaculate is used for artificial insemination with the ejaculate commonly contain over 200 million motile sperm cells. The female will be made comfortable and the catheter containing the sperm will be gently inserted delivering the semen.

K9 Service UK provides the service of Artificial Insemination from supplied chilled or fresh canine semen. This is a valuable service where the owner wants to guarantee semen delivery as near to the cervix as possible. Extraction service provided at additional charge.

Note: Transcervical Insemination used for frozen semen requires a process called Endoscopy to deliver the sperm to the female, since March 2019 this can only be completed by a vet therefore K9ServiceUK will not provide this service nor deal with frozen semen.


Vet grade equipment included in the price.


The team are fully qualified and insured for the service provided.


Price quoted for service provided at K9ServiceUK address.


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